ALZMETALL is a company with international reputation and global activities.

For six decades, we have been the leader in the technology for drilling, milling and casting.

  • Machining Centers
    ALZMETALL develops and manufactures CNC machining centers for 3-and 5-axis applications with torque-drive technology enabling 5-axis simultaneous machining.
  • Drilling Machines
    Leading in Column, Table, Bench and Box Column drilling machines with over 180.000 machines sold worldwide.


  • Special Machines
    For vertical and horizontal machining, rotary or linear transfer lines with multi-spindle drilling and milling features, up to 12 stations, for shortest cycle times in larges series production.
  • Foundry and Contracting
    Alzmetall is a service-oriented system supplier; starting with Grey-Cast Iron and Spheroidal castings, over to large parts machining services and final lacquerings, and ending with a strong Just-In-Time logistics performance.


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