RFT Series

2-6 Presetted drilling stations

Please note:

To define a multi-head system, you need to choose a table type, then a table size and then the heads. On a larger table you might install less heads to gain working space.

Example: on a RFT 3/4 (prepared for 4 heads) you might install (from left to right) one head for centering, one for drilling, one for tapping, and leaving one position open.





RFT 20/1

Max. table length (width)


1.350 mm

3.000 mm

915 mm

Drilling Performance in Steel E 335 St 60 mm


up to 23 mm

up to 45 mm

up to 45 mm

Number of heads


up to 2 heads

up to 6 heads

single head

Morse Taper


MT 2

MT 3 / MT 4

MT 3 / MT 4

Max. travel of spindle


100 mm

160 mm

160 mm

Max. travel of heads


500 mm

700 mm (option)

694 mm

Max. Rpm settings


4300 rpm

4000 rpm

4000 rpm

Alzmetall column diameter that fit


90 mm

115mm/145 mm






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